About Us

Hello and welcome to this, what we consider to be, the most important page on this website. We do, however, concede that we feel it is important purely because this is where we get to talk about ourselves, and that is our favorite subject! First off, we would like to let you know that we are huge ice-cream lovers! Here at The Frozen Cone ice-cream reigns supreme! What a surprise, right? We love ice-cream with a passion, and we especially love homemade ice-cream as we feel that it has a leg up on those conventional, store-bought ice-cream. We feel that a lot more people would be as passionate about ice-cream as we are, if only they knew how easy it was to make it at home!

Who Are We?

To start us off we would like to say that we have been in the ice-cream business for years now, some professionally and some amateurishly, but with equal, burning (or should we say chilling) passion. Making ice-cream is an art form, albeit one that is much under-appreciated. We have all been around those large bulky industrial ice-cream makers, and although they can make excellent ice-cream in large batches, somehow they never seemed to get it just right. With home ice-cream makers you get to experiment with the ingredients and just go nuts! Also, it allows you to know exactly what your ice-cream is made of! That is a huge plus since you can never be sure about what the ingredients are with the store-bought ice-cream, even if you buy only those big brand names.

So a couple of us, enthusiasts all, decided to band together and work on our own, homemade desserts, of which the bulk were ice-creams, differently flavored, delicious ice-creams. The first thing we got wrong were our ice-cream machines, imagine that! That is why we decided to review the machines out there on the market, to make sure you do not

What Do We Do?

We set out on this journey a few months ago, testing and re-testing different types and brands of ice-cream makers in hopes of finding the best one. What we found out is that there are a great number of excellent machines on the market right now, and that the choice comes down to your personal preference! When buying a machine consider how much you love ice-cream and how often do you plan on making it! Take a look at our reviews to find out which one would be your ideal pick. Keep in mind that we do not endorse any single product nor are we affiliated with any single manufacturer! This means that all our reviews are unbiased and to the point, as we only have your best interest at heart and our sole purpose it to guide you in making an informed purchasing decision!

Feel free to drop us a line anytime you want. We are looking forward to your ideas and suggestions! Write to us at hello [at] thefrozencone [dot] com. Happy churning!