Electric Ice Cream Makers

Electric Ice Cream Makers

Homemade ice cream has become the usual thing in any household. Many people stated that homemade ice cream is better, cheaper and healthier since you know what you're putting in. The best type of ice cream maker is definitely the electric one, they are easy to work with and don't make a big mess.

You can choose from amateur to professional electric ice cream makers, which are easy to distinguish since professional makers are way bigger, which is definitely not something you want in your kitchen (or you do if you're the biggest ice cream lover on the planet) and are able to produce bigger amounts of ice cream.

Depending on your preferences, you can find many different types from many different manufacturers. You can buy a pre-freeze ice-cream maker, a powerful maker with a compressor or gelato ice-maker with a dispenser. The choice is yours.

Why Choose an Electric Ice cream maker​

If you are able to wait for your ice-cream, then you should go for the pre-freeze machine since this one has a bowl that needs 24 hours in the freezer to prepare for ice-cream making but it costs less and the ice-cream quality is great.

On the other hand, if you want to make ice cream on a whim, just throwing ingredients in the bowl and making ice cream then the one with the compressor is great for you since it packs much more power and, therefore, is way faster than regular ones, but in order to get this one, you’ll have to spend a bit more money, of course, if you don't mind a bit of research and snooping around the local stores you can find some compressor ice-makers for reasonable prices.

If you are a fan of a bit softer ice-cream, then you can get soft-serve ice-cream maker. This one is great for larger gatherings and parties since it has built-in ice-cream dispenser and it's easy to use. Either way, you will be thrilled every time you make your own ice cream. And of course, you can enjoy it with your friends, you can make it for the parties, the kids will love it and you won't have to worry about ice creams contents since it mainly depends on you.

Keep your children and yourself healthy with some fresh fruit ice-cream done in 30 or fewer minutes. It's faster than going to the store and buying ice-cream and you save a lot of money.

All these ice-cream makers work on the similar principle. They are electrically powered and, therefore, they have enough power to make nice and soft mixtures every time. Their churning power is positioned at the base of a machine, making it possible to spin the dasher and the bowl simultaneously for high-quality ice cream texture. The emphasis is on thoroughly, evenly spread flavor across the whole mixture.

Most popular electric ice cream maker manufacturers​

Some of the best manufacturers that use this kind of technology are Cuisinart, Hamilton, and Andrew James. For many years, they are making great products, but they excel with their ice-cream makers and hold the top places on the market for several years.


Right off the bat, Cuisinart electric ice cream makers are probably the best on the market currently. The company has a long history of making kitchen and household appliances and they got extremely good at it too!

They also have a long-standing history of receiving prestigious design awards for a wide range of items. These include the coveted 2012 Housewares Design Award in the Countertop Food Prep Appliances category for the Blend and Cook Soup Maker. Their ice cream makers also get regular praise, both from industry leaders and happy customers.

Cuisinart has great customer support system and you can always reach out to the company if you have any questions about their products. Those are backed up by some of the best warranties in the industry so you can rest assured that they have your back in any case.

Hamilton Beach​

Hamilton Beach is one of the US leading distributors of small kitchen appliances and they sell over 35 million appliances every year. That alone should be a glowing testament to the quality of their products.

Their ice cream machines are insanely popular as well. They put a lot of thought into the design phase of their appliances and it’s safe to say that theirs are one of the prettiest and functionally-appeasing makers on the market. They not only make electric ice cream makers but you will also find manual ice cream makers in their offer, as well as vintage bucket and salt types that look very retro but are hard to use.

In any case, buying a Hamilton product is always a good investment. They are backed with a long warranty in most cases and the company sells spare parts as well, in case something goes wrong with the unit so there is no need to replace the whole thing.​