What Does Ice Cream Maker Do?

What Does Ice Cream Maker Do?

Versatile and quite affordable, ice-cream makers can be great addition to any home. With the right ice cream machine, indulging in various sweet treats including frozen custard, slushies and even frozen yogurt should no longer be an issue. But contrary to what some people may tend to think, these machines can do a lot of things other than just preparing plain ice cream. So what does ice cream maker do? We find out in this article.

Make Gelato​

If you thought ice creamer maker is only for making plain ice cream, then you are wrong. You can use this machine to make gelato. You have to agree with me that it is not easy to make gelato by hands only at home and achieve great texture and creaminess. However, with a good ice cream machine maker, one can easily prepare gelato in just 20 minutes or even less. But you will need this machine that is designed for making gelato because not all these machines can do the job and produce great results.

Mixing Ice Cream Ingredients​

Generally, most of these machines have the mixing function. It mixes all the ingredients both dry and liquid to form an ice cream mix. It mixes them equably in such a way that the ingredients will not separate. Although the ingredients can actually be mixed manually, to get a consistent mix it’s advisable you use this machine. It's more effective and does the job very fast (takes about 8 minutes).

Whip up Frozen Treats and Desserts​

An ice creamer will whip up various desserts and frozen treats like frozen-custard and frozen yogurt. Additionally, it may be used to whip-up some frozen alcoholic drinks or even non-alcoholic beverages like slushies, margaritas and much more. You just need to buy an ice cream with features of making frozen treats and desserts.

Provide Aeration​

Ice cream makers offer great aeration to your blend consistently. This allows you to have a super smooth and creamy blend by preventing any crystal growth.

Pasteurizing the Mix​

The right machine can help you get rid of bad bacteria present in the ice cream blend while still preserving the original nutrients in the mix. This makes your ice cream stay fresh for a very long time as long as it stored within the right temperature. However, this function is not recommended if you are going to be making frozen yogurt.

Freezing the Ice Cream Blend​

Some ice-cream makers come with a built in freezer while others just have a freezable bowl. They help to keep the ice cream blend at the perfect freezing point or even less. This function allows you to have your ice cream as soon as you have the craving for a delicious ice-cream.​

These machines can do a lot more than you could ever imagine. However, the machines are not all the same. Some have many advanced features that allows you to prepare different desserts and other treats while others are only designed to make ice cream only. So, the next time you go shopping for the best ice cream machine maker, think of what you would like the machine to do for you.

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